Technology Practices

We help you with the following Aether services building blocks


Up-to-date designs of ICT technologies to improve system functionalities


Service virtualization with secure and innovative cloud technologies


Digitalizing applications with disruptive innovation to always match the market demands


Automating the software development process

Artificial intelligence

Enhancing technology with improved digital strategies

Big data & analytics

Helping business make data-driven decisions


Protecting data from potential risks, esp. in tele-remote applications


Mobile First Experiences and Next Generation Interfaces

Account management

Laying the foundation of membership business

Device management

Telecom-grade remote management for robust deployment and maintenance

Embedded software

High-quality and best-fit of sophisticated hardware and firmware integration

WiFi/BT module

Seamless and hassle-free integration of remote home/office environment

What we have done so far

We have developed and successfully brought to market a series of innovative AIoT SMART devices, including air purifiers, sanitizers, surveillance cameras, ceiling fans, circadian lighting, environmental sensors, and have a full line-up of innovation.

Own brands

It is critical to demonstrate a clear and complete ecosystem of brand-new AIoT business practices, including highly integrated consumer insights, AIoT smart products, applications, cloud services, cross-domain professions, and innovative business models. Aether Services creates BRISE and SUVIOS brands for the specific purpose.

For BRISE Angle and BRISE products please visit our Asian website.

Client and partners


Aether Services is a unique team of experts in IoT technologies, medical, and international consumer brands. We develop and market Next-generation Health-Environment smart devices and digital healthcare services.

Albert Lee

20 years+ marketing/sales experience in networking and ICT industries

Jerry Tsai
Head of Product Development

18 years+ in networking & mobile handset companies

Felix Chang
Head of Operations

25 years+ in ICT industry, covering product management, service flow design, technical support, and supply chain management

Eric Wu
AIoT Architect

25 years+ R&D experience in networking and software industries

Dr. J.G. Bakker,MD, PhD
Chief Medical Advisor

Occupational diseases (skin and allergic conditions in relation to work and the environment)
Indoor climate and health
Sick Building Syndrome

Nelson Farfan
Chief Marketing Officer

20 years+ of managing, creating and building world leading brands in FORTUNE 100 companies and Startups, Mentor, Keynote speaker, Lecturer.

Kerwin Chang

Expert of greenhouse and indoor climate control systems

Contact us

Netherland +31(0) 15-8000 240
Germany +49 176 6376 7922
Taiwan +886 3 666 7960